Monday, October 31, 2005
Things I'm kinda ashamed of:

- I like that new Ashlee Simpson song, "Boyfriend."

- Realizing the amount of pink in my wardrobe that I've acquired over the past few years - I'm not even that fucking girlie.

- (this one is hard to admit) ...the fact that I made 3 Laguna Beach castmates my "My Space" friends..

- ...even harder to admit, I purchased the Laguna Beach theme song using an iTunes gift certificate that thode gave me for christmas last year. So, technically, SHE purchased it. Thode's the loser here. NOT me.

I realize this is a lot to digest. I'm going to give you a moment.
If I had known the sheer amount of times I would have to hear either Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" or "Sweet Home Chicago" (it's over 7 minutes LONG) on the radio, I would have rethought my decision for wishing the White Sox would've won the World Series.

Please make it stop.
Sunday, October 30, 2005
Uh, I think this was safe to assume after we were subjected to the movie, "Green Card." No real need for the "announcement," Geraaahrd :: spoke in a extra Frenchy accent ::.
More Halloween photos, brought you by Kool-aid.

Kool-aid won the costume contest at Doc's last night. See more photos here.
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Halloween 2005.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Good morning! See more here. If you dare.
Friday, October 28, 2005
Just when you thought it was finally over, I bring you live coverage of the Sox Victory parade from this guy in a cubicle!
Shana has a new job prospect thanks to Kate in the Portland area! YEAH! All of Erik's contacts (special thanks to Mihow for getting us in touch with the guys at Displaced Designer) have been very nice and helpful, so I'm excited that the same is happening for Shana.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Ok, so I'm currently sitting in my apartment, alone with my cat, wearing 3D glasses (that I already OWNED), and watching Vh1's "I Love the 80s 3D."


And the secret to why I'm still single is revealed.

P.S. I think my glasses are broken, cause it's not working.
Last night I talked my way into Jimbo's bar (I begged, I pleaded, I think I sold my first born) to meet up with Bob and the Camp brothers (Bob's friends). They weren't letting anyone else in, but thank God Bob was standing near the door, knew the bouncer, and got me in. We were wondering, "When did Jimbo's turn into Studio 54?"

Besides (obviously) the Sox winning, I think my favorite part of last night was hearing the entire bar boo (loudly) whenever former President Bush and Barbara were shown on the screen. A wise old woman once said, "There's nothing worse in this world than being a Cub fan and a Republican."

Here, here.

I'd like to dedicate this post to Andy the Clown. You were there last night in spirit, Andy.

:: pours a stale MGD on the ground ::
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Tonight, I'm meeting up with Bob (WOAH! there's a blast from the past) to watch the Sox (hopefully) sweep the Astros. Bob has been a fan of the Sox since he was a little kid (he's OLD, (41) remember?) and we've gone to a number of games together. He was recently pictured in the Sun-Times at Jimbo's (a famous Sox bar). I asked him if he was cheering or doing anything interesting and he said, "Nah, just sittin' at the bar." :: claps :: #1 fan right here, folks. #1 fan.

He once said to me that if the Sox ever won the World Series, he would hang himself outside of Sox park with a sign around his neck that simply read, "His life is complete."

Bob, don't kill yourself. Here's a chicken wing and a beer instead.

Go Sox!
Seriously, it's the bottom of the fucking 13th inning. How can they expect us to go into work tomorrow?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Why do old people smell like old people? Is it some kind of ointment?

Jeeves could not answer my question.
I'm bummed about my Halloween costume this year.

I mean, last year I was "Wedding Day Britney" and the year before that I had a pretty sweet/offensive Iron Chef costume going on (Chef Morimoto, incase you were wondering). So this year, I'm going as a 1920's flapper. I mean, really, yawn. I've already spent too much money to change it, so I'm looking to you, dear reader, to entertain me and make me jealous with your ideas instead. Someone told me to just come to the party wet and say I'm a Katrina victim. Low blow, man. Low blow.

I've got three parties to go to this weekend, so you can bet your ass I'm going to make the most out of that damn costume if it kills me.
Monday, October 24, 2005
Incase you haven't heard, it's a great time to be a Sox fan around here.

Last night I walked over and met my friends at Healy's on Madison Street. Madison Street is the dividing line between the north side (Cubs) vs. south side (White Sox) fans. Although I live 1 block north of Madison Street and technically "should" be a Cubs fan, I found myself high fiving strangers, screaming and jumping up and down when Konerko hit his grand slam and saying embarrassing statements like, "This is our year!"

My liver is going to scream "Mercy!" after this week is through.

Go Sox!
Sunday, October 23, 2005
A few of you have recently emailed me and asked how Erik and Shana are doing. After Katrina hit, they spent some time at their families' homes before heading out to stay with Thode in LA. Now they've made their way up to Portland and are moving into an apartment tomorrow.

Since we don't have your actual addresses to mail each of you a personal thank-you, Erik created a website giving an update and expressing thanks to all who sent gift cards, mix cds and well wishes. Some other good news that they didn't mention is that they were able to get their bikes back, so I was happy to hear that. I see they made use of the Starbucks gift cards I sent. Heh.

I also want to sincerely thank each and everyone of you who contacted me and helped make their transition a little easier. Shana emailed me and said she just couldn't get over how strangers would take the time to help them out. We're sending good karma vibes your way. Thanks again.
Friday, October 21, 2005
I know this news has been out for a while, but it made me very happy to hear. Incase you're wondering about the name, it's French for "skilled teller of anecdotes," which Jack apparently came up with.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
You know those days when you tell yourself, "Just fucking grow up already?"

You're witnessing me check myself before I wreck myself.
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Shy dude is starting to bore me to tears. Not literally. YET.

Like, Mr. Tinkleton is more entertaining than this guy.

I don't know what the fuck my problem is.

Dwight Schrute has a blog. It's called Schrute's Space.
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Um, two people at work have come up and asked me why my sweater is on backwards.

Stupid H&M.

My blog is worth $15,242.58.
How much is your blog worth?

I'd like to sell my blog, please. (link thanks to Freakgirl, whose blog made her a rich biotch.)
Monday, October 17, 2005
Our vice president just gave me news that I just received a really nice raise.


Unfortunately, this means I can now afford to buy and sell you. And um, judging by the looks of you in that outfit....sold.
Sunday, October 16, 2005
Holy Mutherfucking Shit.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

We're fucking going to the World Series!!
Friends and I are heading to a pumpkin farm today.

Which is conveniently located a few minutes from Woodfield Mall and the giant IKEA.

:: inhales ::

Ahhh, the simple life.
Friday, October 14, 2005
Last night I gave "shy dude" a second chance and met up with him to play some pool. I don't know why I agreed to that since my skillz aren't what they used to be. And by "used to be" I mean all that practice I had at the Y Daycare the summer of 4th grade. Hustled M&Ms out of the 2nd graders, bitches.

He requested we meet after the show, "Smallville," was over, because of an embarrassing weakness he has for the show. I've dated other guys who were into worse shows on the WB, so I didn't hold it against him.

We never did end up playing pool, but instead just sat in a pool hall, had dinner, talked and watched some baseball instead.

This time, he didn't seem so ackward and shy. He looked cuter to me, while I was still in what I wore to work (I apologized for the sheer amount of brown in my outfit...seriously, could I look more dull?). We actually had a nice time, which kinda surpised me- he's very kind and sweet and I found myself wanting to see him again. Finally, when we stood up to leave, he asked,

"How tall are you?"

This has always been an uncomfortable question because I've always felt freakishly taller than most girls. (For the record, I'm 5' 10", flat footed.)

After he asks the question, I can feel myself reverting to being a fucking 13-year-old, slouching to one side and say, "I'm 5'10. Um, I'm Norwegian and German and was built this way, so I really can't help it."

He's the same height as me and reassures me it's nice and not a problem, but I think my body language kinda let him know it's a 'button' of mine.

We say goodbye, let's do this again sometime, blah blah blah and I start the drive home.

A few minutes later, he calls.

"Hey there."

"Hi. You know, I used to date a tall girl, and I think it's nice. I just wanted you to know that."

Thursday, October 13, 2005
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Britney Spears' new perfume, "Fantasy" smells just like Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth."

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Which I totally owned.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Ok, it appears I only took a total of 6 pictures the entire weekend. A photographer, I am not.

Nor am I apparently a hairstylist, cause holy shit, I could use some work. Please forgive, because it was really raining outside and we had just walked a mile to the restaurant. Ouch.
It was...a very damp weekend.

I'm pretty sure we couldn't have picked a more crappy weekend weather-wise to be in the New York area. But that didn't dampen our spirits! (Except for the part where I got so frustrated from being cold and wet that I made my mom agree that we wouldn't go outside if it was raining again the next day, but let's not talk about that.)

Pictures are limited, because it was wet and I looked gross the entire time I was there. Stupid $3 umbrella.

I felt like we barely scraped the surface of things to do, but we managed to:

- Buy a beer and enjoyed the scenery in Central Park. Just like the bums do! Except we had showered and didn't sleep there.

- Had dinner with my friend, Linda, in Little Italy at some place I can't pronouce.

- Saw a matinee of "The Producers" (very funny).

- Shopped. I tried to find a "Laguna Beach" tshirt at the MTV store, but was shut out. An entire market untapped!

- I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that we ate three times at Pizza Villagio. It's a tough call if I liked this pizza better than Chicago-style, which is practically blastsphemy for me to admit. So fucking good.

- Had dinner at Hells Kitchen with Deb, Janet, Beth and Lisa (Lisa, where is your blog? heh). The fact that those guys drove over an hour into the city to walk a couple of miles in the pouring rain so they could have dinner with us was super, super nice. We had the Hoja Santa Crusted Tuna Tostadas with Guacamole & Grilled Pineapple appetizer that Molly suggested, and oh my god, I had this key lime martini that was ah-ma-zing. Later that night, we went to Divine, drank wine, and listened to 80s music. Oh yeah.

- The next day, my mom and I strolled past Strawberry Fields when we heard the sound of hippies singing. Turns out it was John Lennon's birthday and hippies were everywhere. We stuck around for a little while, but I made sure we high tailed it out of there before my mom started to sing along.

- Had brunch in Central Park at Tavern on the Green. While it was a really nice brunch and my lobster bisque soup was excellent, it was overpriced and the waitstaff was...meh. However, I bet it would be beautiful to have a wedding reception there.

- Yesterday morning, I took my mom to the MoMA. Ended up running into a guy that I've known since kindergarten in the gift shop, but I was too weirded out to say "hey." Considering Sheboygan culture is bratwurst and a 6-pack of Miller Lite, I was shocked there were that many Sheboyganites in one space.

NYC, I'm now broke because of you, but I had a great time. Thanks.
Dang, all that money spent on the "Best Team Money Can Buy" and they didn't even make it into the Series. So sorry, Yankees. Better luck next year.

Mmmm....the the agony of defeat.
Thursday, October 06, 2005
The next time you guys talk to me, I'll be back from New York and greeting people with a "Good morning, fuck you." Cause that's what people in New York do, right? Right?

Ok, so no. There happens to be some fabulous people that live there. I'm so looking forward to it, you have no idea. I'm sick of you fucking idiots in Chicago.

Just kidding. You know I'll never stray from you. At least, I don't think so. I mean, New York puts out, so it'll be a tough call.

Just kidding, Chicago. You know I love you. *smooches*

Love, Megs.
So my mom arrived into town, so tonight, we went to the Flat Top Grill.

Our drink bill was more than our food bill.

Um, sorry, dad. I love you.
I met this guy at 10 pin the other night and went out to dinner with him last night. It's kinda funny when you go out with someone and you think the date bombed, and the other person thinks it went really well and "would love to get to know you better." Not a great combination. He's just a little more shy than I would like and I typically write off "shy" as "socially inept," so maybe I'll give him another chance. I am so over dating right now I could kill myself.
It's fucked up that I think the Halloween-sized Almond Joy is healthier than the other kinds because it has coconut in it, right? Coconut is a fruit...go with me, people.
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Proving that the Second Coming is upon us, Katie Holmes is pregnant. Immaculate conception is clearly the explanation behind this, cause we all know that can't be Cruz-made.
I just confirmed our Sunday brunch reservations for Tavern on the Green.

This is going to be the most romantic brunch with my mom ever.

Monday, October 03, 2005
Tonight while making some tentative plans for our NYC trip, my mom interupts me and says, "Do you want me to bring some gin and tonic mix with me? Do you think we'll be in our room long enough to have some?" I think this clearly shows our true Wisconsin colors when my mom is offering to carrry gin and a bottle of tonic across STATES to avoid paying outrageous New York prices on cocktails.

Pre-party in our room this weekend.
On Saturday a few of us got together at this chi chi bowling alley called 10 pin. I'm suspicious of any bowling alley that serves martinis, shrimp cocktail and NO Old Style, but it was actually a good time. I don't mean to brag, but I took bowling lessons at the Elks Club in Sheboygan as a kid, so it wasn't surprising when I came in first for the ladies. Unfortunately, there was no awards ceremony to let everyone know what an awesome bowler I am, so I resort to talking about it on my blog for the glory I DESERVE.
Sunday, October 02, 2005
Holy shit, I just had a ton of hair cut off. I think it just set in.